sammy 2

I recently started sewing. Some of it was with the intent of cloth TP, but also to refashion clothing and to sew diapers.

About two weeks ago I took my sewing machines in to be cleaned. I already had enough fabric, so I decided to give a try. I sewed my first on Friday night. It is an All in One. This means that the water proof layer is attached to the other items underneath. The fabric (purchased in February with the intention of sewing diapers) is organic hemp terry and organic diaper flannel.

First I carefully cut out all of the pieces. The pieces consisted of terry (doubled and shaped like the diaper will look), the flannel is layered (~8 layers) in 3.5 inch x 8 in strips. These are sewn on the underside of the terry. After that, the PUL is sewn on and elastic is added to the legs and a little to the back. Then I added velcro and viola. Finished. Okay – it took me a little longer to sew – with an 8 month old and toddler in the house, nothing is fast. He seems to be happy with his new diapers.

I can’t believe that I actually sewed something. I was successful – well, I had to tear out a few seams and there was a tear or two, but overall it worked well and I am already sewing my third diaper. If it had been that bad…. Well, I don’t think I would have continued. This also means that I am looking at our clothing in a new light. Now I am looking at what we can turn old cast-offs into. A dress or skirt could easily be created into something for one of the girls. This is exciting!

sammy again